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Cheap VOIP. Excellent quality. Combined.

Try cheap VOIP risk freeTry before you decide! Free VOIP calls are included with every new prepaid account. You can call over 65 minutes to Canada, almost 50 minutes to the United States or many minutes to any other country without paying anything. The included $0.2 account balance is enough to cover test calls to almost any number in the world. We will not ask for any payment information before you have tried us and you can always cancel your account anytime.

Make cheap VOIP calls easily.

No matter if you want to call your neighbour or your friend on the other side of the world, it is almost always cheaper to make calls with us. Add your phone number as your Caller ID and it will even look like you are calling from your regular landline or mobile. With CheapVOIP4U you can make cheap voip calls with any SIP client. You can for example call with your analog phone using a VOIP adapter or with your computer. There are many alternatives, follow the instructions below to get started quick and easy. Please contact us if you need help with configuring your device or if you have any questions regarding our service.

Truly cheap VOIP calls.

Our mission is simple: To enable you to easily make cheap VOIP calls with excellent quality to any international phone number. A CheapVOIP4U customer always: 1) Call at the lowest possible rates. 2) Enjoy high quality calls with full international coverage. Read more about why you should choose CheapVOIP4U here and don't forget to look at our unbeatable rates availaibe here.

How to: Call with Windows SIP client

1. Download the softphone by clicking here.

2. Run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

3. Start the client. First time you start the client the window shown below will apear. Click on "Create Profile" to continue.

4. Click on "New" as shown below.

4. Fill in your account details and click on OK as shown below. You can find your SIP user ID and password in your welcome email from us.

4. You can now make cheap VOIP calls. Dial your number without international prefixes (for example number +45 (0)33 443344 should be dialed as 4533443344).

Do you have any questions regarding the configuration or do you need assistance to configure another SIP client? Contact customer service.

How to: Call with Android or iPhone SIP client

1. Look for and download 3CX phone in Android Market or iTunes provided by 3CX

2. Follow the configuration steps for the Windows client provided above.

3. You can now start making cheap international VOIP calls from your mobile phone.

Do you have any questions regarding the configuration or do you need assistance to configure another SIP client? Contact customer service.

How to: Call with Asterisk or any other SIP device

1. Configuration details: SIP server: sip.cheapvoip4u.com. Username: Your card number. Extension: Your card number. Password: Your password. All other fields should be left blank.

2. Supported codecs:. ulaw / alaw (high quality, 64 kbps).

How to: Call with any phone using an access number

1. Add one of our access numbers to your phonebook or write it down. Currently you can use your calling card by calling +1-360-8466-900 (US) or +44-2035-192-700 (UK).

2. Start to make cheap VOIP calls with any phone. When you want to make a call you simly click on us in your phonebook, wait for our dial tone and then enter the number you want to call. Always dial the countrycode first, for example 49 (not 0049 or 1149) for Germany. If you havn't enabled PIN-less dialing you will also be asked to enter your card number.

Cheap VOIP with any computerCall Termination
Route your calls to us and save money. We support IP PBX systems such as Asterisk.

Cheap VOIP with any computerWindows or Mac
Use your Windows, Linux or Mac computer. We support any SIP software or SIP gateway.

Use with Android phone or iPhoneAndroid or iPhone Mobile
The benifits of VOIP calling in your mobile. WIFI or 3G connection required.

Use as calling cardAny Phone (Calling Card)
Cheap VOIP calls with your regular telephone anywhere. No PIN, PIN-less dialing supported!

Excellent qualityExcellent Quality
We maintain relations with many large providers. We can choose the best way for each call.

Lowest possible honest ratesTruly Cheap
No hidden charges. Just the lowest possible rates. All you pay for is the minutes you use.

Easy paymentsEasy Payments
Deposited funds will never expire. Paypal and all mayor credit cards accepted.

Great supportGreat Support
Our friendly customer service agents are here to answer your questions. Try us!