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Cheap VOIP. Excellent quality. Combined.

Try cheap VOIP risk freeTry before you decide! Free VOIP calls are included with every new prepaid account. You can call over 65 minutes to Canada, almost 50 minutes to the United States or many minutes to any other country without paying anything. The included $0.2 account balance is enough to cover test calls to almost any number in the world. We will not ask for any payment information before you have tried us and you can always cancel your account anytime.

Truly cheap VOIP calls.

Our mission is simple: To enable you to easily make cheap VOIP calls with excellent quality to any destination in the world. CheapVOIP4U customers always call at the lowest possible rates at the same time as they enjoy high quality calls with full international coverage.

At CheapVOIP4U the following equation is true: Cheap VOIP = High quality. Don't believe us? Please test our equation by making a few calls completely free, just sign up for a free VOIP account to get started. Want to know how we do it? Please continue to read..

We encourage you to compare our service with any other competitor as we know you woun't find a better VOIP service anywhere.

Straight forward pricing.

We strongly believe in honest pricing as the base of all good customer relations. A low rate is not cheap if there are extra fees. Therefore no fees - not hidden nor visible - are accepted at CheapVOIP4U.

We don't like monthly fees, commitments and contracts either. Therefore our service is completely pay-as-you-go based. You are always free to cancel your account anytime and you can refill your account with as little as $5. The only thing you pay is the very low per minute rate for making high quality calls. We want you to continue with us because you want to, not because you have to.

Cheap VOIP = High quality.

Yes, low VOIP calling rates can and should be combined with high quality! Our relations and large volumes makes it possible for us to negotiate with the largest providers and only include the best routes availiable for each destination in our VOIP system.

How do we do it? It's actually no rocket sience. By utilizing the latest VOIP technology we can ensure the highest possible quality for each and every VOIP call made by our customers.

When a number is dialed by any of our customers a careful selection process runs and is completed in a matter of a few milliseconds. This process ensures that the call is routed through the best provider for the destination country and area of that call at that time.

However, we also take several other quality measures to ensure continuous great VOIP call quality. Among many other things all routes are monitored and all customer feedback are taken very seriously.

Feel free to contact us.

Information: Company

CheapVOIP4U is an US based cheap VOIP provider owned by the Swedish company Tendic, founded in 2007 and providing VOIP services since 2009.

Company Registration Number: SE9697292523

Head Office: Tendic KB c/o Telendo, Edinsvagen 22A, 13147 NACKA, Sweden

Email: contact@cheapvoip4u.com

Mail: CheapVOIP4U, 4310 W. 190th St. #11053, Torrance, CA 90504, USA.

Cheap VOIP with any computerCall Termination
Route your calls to us and save money. We support IP PBX systems such as Asterisk.

Cheap VOIP with any computerWindows or Mac
Use your Windows, Linux or Mac computer. We support any SIP software or SIP gateway.

Use with Android phone or iPhoneAndroid or iPhone Mobile
The benifits of VOIP calling in your mobile. WIFI or 3G connection required.

Use as calling cardAny Phone (Calling Card)
Cheap VOIP calls with your regular telephone anywhere. No PIN, PIN-less dialing supported!

Excellent qualityExcellent Quality
We maintain relations with many large providers. We can choose the best way for each call.

Lowest possible honest ratesTruly Cheap
No hidden fees. Just the lowest possible rates. All you pay for is the minutes you use.

Easy paymentsEasy Payments
Deposited founds will never expire. Paypal and all mayor credit cards accepted.

Great supportGreat Support
Our friendly customer service agents are here to answer your questions. Try us!